Can we triumph over the tragedy of death? Can have peace and surety in the absence of financial security? Can we overcome the affliction of addiction? Can we learn love again despite the devastation of divorce? Is there hope in a world destine for destruction?
The Sinai Community Church invites you on an exciting journey through scripture as we explore why God’s answer is a resounding “YES”!This is your chance to experience for yourself why the Gospel is still God’s good news to a dying world because Faith is still the Victory that overcomes the world.
We are honored to announce our 3-week initiative from Sept 23rd-Oct 13th, hosted by the Sinai Community Church located at 387 Stark Road in Jackson Georgia. Bring your family, friends, co-worker, even your enemies to our daily rallys from 7-8:15 pm  (Except Tuesday & Thursday ). Join the movement as we win back our families and communities from the affliction of addictions, the devastation of divorce, the uncertainty of unemployment, the horror of human trafficking and our fleeting faith in a hope filled future.  You can also join us live online at www.vigon.org. Discover why there is still hope in world destined for destruction. In a world filled with losses, we declare that “faith is the Victory that overcomes the world. Visit www.vigon.org for more information and like us on Facebook and Twitter.